We start with truly understanding you and your needs and add a uniquely in-depth view of the marketplace.

Our two-stage interview process including our proprietary CBI – Chronological Behavior-based Interview helps us to understand you and your career goals.

We’ve worked with hundreds of employers, interviewing their executive management, team or practice leaders, and administrative and Human Resources professionals. We understand their goals, culture, and the traits of people who thrive in their organizations.

We use the information above to help you decide the best potential opportunities for the next step in your career.

Access to Opportunities

Available only through us.

Each year 25% - 35% of the placements we make are created through our knowledge of our clients and their strategic goals – not to “open” positions. This means you have access to positions that are not advertised as they are only available through us.

We often know about opportunities before they are advertised.

Market Intelligence

We have daily conversations with law firms and corporate leaders that, along with our formal research, have created a tremendous database of market intelligence from what firms are doing and why, to local pay trends, etc.


By working directly with law firms and corporate leaders, we can make discreet inquiries, without using your name. This way we are able to inquire about potential opportunities without compromising the confidentiality of your search.

Focus on your Practice

We allow you to focus on your clients and your practice, not on your next position. By working with you and searching for you we can work together to submit you only to appropriate positions. We take most of the job searching work off your plate.

(See Fit)

Career Coaching

Our CBI allows us to offer on-going career coaching.

Interview Feedback and Coaching

You are a great legal professional — we can help you become a better interviewer.

Negotiate Salary

We negotiate salary for you through a unique process that avoids positional bargaining in favor of an approach based on mutually desired outcomes.



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